To address the need of rural youth, an educational institute, Sant Singaji Institute of Science and Management was founded at Sandalpur town near Indore, MP. The institute which is in operation since summer of 2010 currently provides the graduate courses in arts, commerce, management and science. This is government recognized and affiliated with the Vikram University, Ujjain. While the fundamental objective is to provide quality education to the rural youth in the vicinity, our vision is to use this institute as a vehicle to complete transformation.

The key objectives for which we exist are -

•    Overall development of rural student. Give them the confidence to do self and social development.
•    Provide industry exposure, opportunities (training/job), career counselling.  
•    Provide entrepreneurial assistance and guidance.
•    Special focus on girl education and parent counselling.
•    Provide financial assistance & scholarships thereby eliminating the economic status which acts as a hindrance to quality education.
•    Socio economic development of the region by providing local entrepreneurship opportunities.

Future Roadmap

With SSISM we hope to make a difference in society and surrounding environment in a positive way, the Student is the base of the society in turn will develop the socio-economic status of the area.

Everybody will benefit by SSISM, the trust will achieve what they want overall socio-economic development of the area, and students where they will get quality education through SSISM to develop into a good and confidant human being who can achieve their dreams thereby contributing to the society.